Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Birthday Poem

This was left with us on our doorstep last week with a request to be posted on Florian's birthday.  Unfortunately we were away (his birthday was 7th October), but are posting it now.  Happy belated birthday big guy, we know a lot of people wish you well...

5 Year Anniversary in Exile

“One must be a little foolish if one does not want to be even more stupid.”

Michel de Montaigne

A gilded age was my birth right
Geld, Grandeur my tutors
Misdirected priorities my plight
Philistinism my soul consumer

Harvard my mentor, excess my grotto
Society partially to blame?
"Too much is never enough" my zeitgeist motto
Russian roulette my favorite game

Like a bushido warrior - no prisoners on my quest
As my net worth grew
Blinder than Dandolo to my children's behest
Values disappeared like Timbuktu

Cruising down Mammon's lane
Cherishing my Corniche more than my first born son
Not once did I question whether I was sane
Family bonds lento undone

Escape from retirement paradise
Lost like a fish on land gulping
Feverishly plodding  my second meteoric rise
Too self-obsessed - I would be left sulking

The next venture is bigger than the last
Hedge fund pure
This time really rich, really fast
Very public, hardly obscure

Caracas - bullet lodged in my spine
Armed robbery - attempted murder?
Never could read godly signs
Should have become a sheep herder

Seductive sirens raking in Palma's sun
Turbojets screaming through African air
The best of all worlds "such brilliant fun"
Mephisto applauding my destined despair

My net worth immense "all this is mine"
Greed foreclosed on the welcoming skies
Like a buffoon I told myself "all is fine",
Lost my soul mate, my children through soulless lies

I fled from absurdity, the entropic past
I'm finished - my wealth, my universe crumbling
Worshipping Narcissus and Baal, it was not going to last
What could possibly be more humbling?

I needed to travel away from my self
Reassess mistaken paths,
Start with crumbs, revive the empty shell
Scrub off dreck with soul cleansing baths

Only three dimensions remained to be traveled
Would it be family, faith or crime
Would I totally unravel
Discover virtue or become scarface money laundering slime?

A hard man acquaints me with Mary
Gloomy fog disperses, I detect light
Bounties for my head made existing scary
A raison d'être - I resolve to fight

This crusade is different than those before
I learned values and integrity
Not capital mayhem awash in gore
Values made for longevity

My animus became exemplary
My soul expanded while liberties imploded
Thankfully I have Jesus, Yahweh and Mary
Their arsenal fully loaded

Narco consigliere, Mossad protected
Manipulator of Bosler and Straub?
What a scam - I am not  Vesco or Escobar resurrected
Not DEA, SEK material - beyond any doubt

I am the hunted, bootstrapped man
Europe and America romancing
Criminal, civil - whatever, wherever they can
Hateful, conniving, methodical lancing

Should I snitch or enjoin all?
Live in court or do a deal?
That would be La Donna's call:
Child - Seek resolution with devotional zeal!

Volte-face - I will rise from the ashes
Fat chance! Laugh at me, for I'm a fool
Like a drunken boat, myriad crashes
Hola Maria - Adieu mercantile tool


PS: "Why do all of us think we are at the center of everything?"
Chris Pavone

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